DegradedKnown Service Issues

We have received reports of a potential outage or degraded performance regarding one or more of our services. We are working to investigate and resolve any issues, which are detailed below:

Microsoft has resolved the search issue with HeelMail, but it will take a few days for Microsoft to roll it out to all affected user mailboxes. Until then, use Google Chrome.
User AuthenticationOn 4/19/2014, ITS detected a problem with Problems with password changes (improv). Members of the ITS staff are working to resolve the issue and to identify the root cause of the service interruption.... (More)Change Plan 19262
Voice MessagingDialing to domestic long distance (LD) phone numbers for AT&T Centrex Phones are prompted to enter an authorization code when dialing an LD number. Members of the ITS staff have been and are continut... (More)Change Plan 19158

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Power Outages

A best effort listing of scheduled power outages follows. These outages are managed by Energy Services.
There are no scheduled power outages